Travel without wings across boundaries

Travelling has been a passion and profession rather than hobby and the way the technology has evolved, planning travel has just become easier ,be it booking hotels, flight tickets or cabs or food. Everything happens with a touch on a phone.

One of my recent post on Facebook inspired me to write about #DiscoverFreedom For this independence day.

I had been contemplating this for a while as a traveller on my travel escapades and one of the most interesting correlation items in all my travel in the recent past has been the ease of commuting from one place to another.Having done quite a lot of domestic and international travels in the last few months,One of the toughest things in cities like Bangalore or London is the local taxi or way too expensive to travel regularly and I have been using taxi on demand Uber service for the same in 8 countries (India,Thailand,Malaysia,Singapore,Dubai,UK,Scotland,USA) till date and freedom it gives me to get the easiest and economical service to commute using technology.a few years back, many would dread to use taxi because of the cost and accessibility.biut no, without any region or language barrier, I have travelled in many countries without any hassle and the quality of cars and drivers are top notch.

The same applies to the hospitality industry as well for booking rooms where I book hotels on mobile in the last moment and get amazing prices as well.

The freedom of choices and flexibility in the present world is enabled by technology to humanity.

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