The Future TV is here : LeEco Super TV

There were times a couple of decades ago, where owning a Television was a pure luxury and a Status Quotient. Life has evolved so much in terms of comfort, entertainment and technology that you have the best experience in your fingertips literally. I still remember the First TV I had 20 years ago which was Crowne TV and slowly upgraded to BPL, LG and Finally to Plasma TV currently which is 8-years-old, I have been contemplating to upgrade my TV lately and that’s when I had received LeEco content integrated Ecosystem TV to experience it. the Specifications on Paper looks Super Solid and the Price Point is the game changer, but I was waiting to have a first hand experience of it. LeEco launched world’s first EcoTV-Super3 Max65, along with Super3 X65 and Super3 X55 that has 3D display. With superlative technologies at indisputably disruptive prices.

I had Received the LeEco Super3 X65 which is a giant 65 inches TV and when I unpacked it. It was humongous and as tall as me that made my current 40 Inch TV as David vs Goliath. This is not just a TV, but an open loop and connected ecosystem, all displayed on your BIG screen and this is their flagship product. The Initial Impressions of the TV, the outlook looks classy & elegant and slim as well. It has a narrow bezel of 13.0 mm, Super3 X65 is thin design of 10.9 mm. It makes it looks premium as well and The TV built materials are free from lead and chromium making the TV fully eco-friendly.


Once you Switch on the TV, You will notice the vibrant colors and density as well that is 4K ULTRA HD display that has 8.29 MILLION pixels on the screen which gives you a fine detailed and perfect viewing experience and wide color gamut of up to 85% NTSC that makes the colors more vivid and clear

The TV was assembled and setup at the end of the hall and thanks to the 178° wide viewing angle, In fact we generally watch TV from different angles, sometimes from the Sofa or Dinner table and still the viewing experience is pretty good.


Like I Said, The LeEco Super3 X65 is not just a TV, but a complete Entertainment package that is Powered by the MSD 6A928 featuring CPU: Cortex A72*4 (1.4 GHz) and GPU: Mali – T760MP4*4 and a high-speed RAM of 3GB DDR3 and a high-capacity ROM of 16GB eMMC Flash is in built for a superior performance. The Hardware ensures smooth delivery of stunning graphics, superior quality and strong multitasking ability without compromising on power consumption with a GPU that reaches up to 326G flops, and triangle output rate of 1.39 billion and The audio experience is also good as the Super TV is equipped by Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, and DTS-HD premium sound technologies.


The Super3 X65 is powered by the fast Android based operating system and is just like using your phone and the LeEcosystem EUI offers live broadcast of multiple content with the comfort of clear EPG program instructions. Other Than using the Android User experience, Super3 X65 has three HDMI 2.0 inputs that support data transfer bandwidth of up to 18 GB and accepts 4K UHD signals at up to 60fps for smoother motion. The USB 3.0*2+ USB 2.0*1 ports are compatible with a variety of devices allowing users to easily connect it with cable boxes.


For Every TV, The main accessory is the Remote and I normally prefer an intuitive and user friendly remote and Super Remote 3 offers which allows easy access with the four-direction navigation buttons and the gyro sensor remote can also be used as an air mouse or gamepad to control multiple devices connected to the TV screen for a super experience.


SuperTVs will give access to one of the largest content libraries in India. Users can enjoy at least 2000 Full HD/HD films from Hollywood and Bollywood, more than 100 satellite TV channels, 3.5 million songs (coming soon by software upgrade), and more than 50 live concerts.


With SuperTVs, users will also get access to a cloud storage space of 5TB with strict privacy protection so users can store pictures capturing memorable moments on the cloud and share them conveniently with family and friends.


One thing that is a big issue with any electronic purchase is the post sales service bcoz of short warranty period and is prevalent in TV industry as well. LeEco doubles the industry standard by providing Super3 Series a 2-year product warranty. The LeEco Super3 Series’ standard panel warranty will cover users for a full 4 years, while the industry standard for panel warranty is just1-2 years.

LeEco’s large after-sales service network in India with over 333 outlets at convenient locationsis another advantage for users. Additionally, users will have access to a 24×7 call centre, offering services in nine languages.

Having used the TV for more than 2 weeks now, I would surely with confidence that is one of the well balanced TV, though not the best in Class TC and worth every penny you pay for the experience and the Size itself is intimidating at times in a good way that I have decided to buy the TV myself for my family who are already addicted with the experience of 65 inch of Super TV.

Now, The Super3 X65’is Available for INR Rs 99,790 exclusively on LeMall and Flipkart and the Next Sale is on 6th September 2016.Click here to Buy on LeMall and Flipkart the Super TV will come bundled with 2 years VIP membership worth Rs 9800 if purchased separately.

Super3 X55 – 139.7 cm (55)will be available forRs59,790.Click here for Flipkart and Lemall and Super3 Max65– 163.9 cm (65) will come at a price of Rs 149,790 on Flipkart and Lemall. All three SuperTVs come with 2 years of VIP membership worth Rs 9,800.

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