Powered by eco-friendly technology, this dishwasher can help you save water.

Generally, in a typical Indian House, the household appliances consist of Washing Machines, Refrigerators, Mixers, Grinder and microwave. One of the most unusual appliances would be Dishwasher and the myth behind not being considered as a necessity is because of its need and usefulness to the family, As the cliché ideology goes, Dishwashers are basically expensive and all types of utensils don’t fit in and might not clean properly based on our usage and the same amount of work can be done by the maid much quicker and cheaper. Well, this is what almost every Indian family feels about dishwashers and that’s the reason we have only seen the dishwashers in Hollywood sitcoms and movies.


Even I was under the same impression about dishwashers till I actually got a chance to use a Dishwasher by Bosch who are pioneers of engineering in both home and factory appliances. One of the reasons I was eager to try out is to find out the utility and usability and Fitment of Dishwashers in my household and what actually happened is pretty interesting. It is generally your mother or wife who would operate and manage such appliances and that’s one of the reasons I wanted my mother to use it under all conditions and situations to see if it can break the myth and match the quality and quantity of work done by maids for washing utensils.


My Mother was pretty intrigued about Dishwashers and had never used one; the installation was pretty smooth and easy too. The technician gave us a demo on how to use the Bosch Dishwasher which actually doesn’t look as complicated as we thought it was.She was getting a hang of it over the next few days and the process of loading the vessels, using the rinse liquid and the dishwasher detergent made it actually feel like using the washing machine and the process is pretty much the same, it’s not tough to use at all.


Now coming to the usage and how to load vessels and the type of vessels it can accommodate. There are various slots for different types of utensils. Just make sure the vessels is kept properly and upside down in the slots as the water jet is sprayed from the bottom and the water utilisation is also very less compared to regular wash of utensils manually. The Dishwasher had pre-set programmed that helps in setting the optimum speed to reduce wash cycle time without compromising on wash results.


You select VarioSpeed mode especially when you are in a hurry. It reduces the wash cycle time by 66% without reducing the quality of the wash and makes sure the dishes are completely clean and dry in half the wash time.

One of the other important features is the EcoSilence Drive feature of Bosch Dishwasher which has a unique brushless motor which is powerful, efficient, durable and reduces noise.

This is one feature that is pretty useful for Indian kitchen focussing the ultra greasy utensils due to the kind of food that is cooked with lots of ghee and oil and makes them soiled. So select Intensive Kadhai 70°: This is a special programme for heavily soiled Kadhais, Pots and Pans with intensive washing and drying cycles – for optimal cleaning and drying results.

When you don’t have enough utensils to wash, you can select Half Load option that is available in most Bosch Dishwashers and is an ideal cycle for washing fewer dishes. Saves water and time.


One feature that I would love to use though but wasn’t available in this particular model of the dishwasher is Express Sparkle option that gets your dishes and cutlery clean and dry in under an hour and an Extra Dry option that enhances further the drying results, especially beneficial for difficult to dry items, e.g. plastic.

We had used different types of utensils in the Dishwasher for the last 3 weeks and trust me the results was such that my mother has asked me to buy the dishwasher now for 3 main reasons; The dishwasher can clean almost any dirt or grease with ease to perfection including the toughest oiled utensils which left us speechless literally and the utensils are spic and span after the wash which gives us the satisfaction that the utensils are thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and dry as well.Last but not the least it is both water and power efficient.

Now the final question is it worth the amount and how much does it cost? Bosch Dishwasher starts from Rs.37,000 and trust me, when we can spend on washing machines for the same amount, keeping the hygiene and health and cleanliness factor in mind, this is totally worth it and I am also buying one for sure. Bosch dishwasher finally broke the myth in my house and I am sure it will not let others down as well.

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