Travel Visually to #MadhyaPradesh with #ChaloMPWithHolidayIQ

My Recent Trip to Madhya Pradesh was a wonderful experience especially the destinations and sighseeing we had done.It was well planned by Madhya Pradesh Tourism and Executed by HolidayIQ terming the trip as #ChaloMPWithHolidayIQ. A Picture is worth 1000 words. There are just millions of words below,Relish as you scroll below and join me in the journey to the #HeartOfIndia. Day 1

  1. Parsili (Sanjay Dubri National Park)

The morning safari at 6pm to Sanjay Dubri National Park at Parsili was mesmerisng .We spotted a sloth bear and some beautiful grasslands and dense forest as well. 20161105184139_4J2A5644~2 IMG_20161106_064806 20161105205144_4J2A5674~2 20161105205215_4J2A5678~2 IMG_20161106_085142 IMG_20161106_074640 Day 2 Rewa (Govindgarh Palace, Rani Talab, Baghel Museum) Rani Talab is one of the oldest water wells situated in the Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the holiest water bodies in the entire district, and there is a huge craze among the people to visit the place during auspicious occasions. It is a very well connected well; and is used to solve many problems of the locals. Near the talab there is a temples of the of the goddess kali. The Goddess is considered to be very powerful by the locals as they do believe that everyone gets their wishes fulfilled after visiting the deity. Every year during the Diwali a grand Puja takes place in the temple premises as the day just before the Diwali is considered to be Kali Puja. A big fair is also held in the temples on the occasion of the navratri. There is a huge crowd  during navratri IMG_20161107_095338 Rani Talab IMG_20161107_114436 Baghel Museum ]IMG_20161107_122041 Govindgarh Palace,Rewa IMG_20161107_122446 First White Tiger was spotted here 20161107003653_4J2A5772 IMG_20161107_124628 IMG_20161107_123735 20161107004650_4J2A5793 20161107_124823 IMG_20161108_054951 20161107_125023 20161107011614_4J2A5843~2 20161107011737_4J2A5850~2 IMG_20161107_124923 Day 3: Raneh Falls and Panna IMG_20161107_164155 IMG_20161109_102442 20161109_102821 20161109_101418 IMG_20161109_102939 IMG_20161109_105922 Panna National Park IMG_20161108_170900 Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 01.34.16 Leopard during the kill and we were lucky to capture it Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 18.06.06Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 18.08.13   IMG_20161108_085736 IMG_20161108_090459 20161108_062452 IMG_20161108_152108 20161108044622_4J2A6360 IMG_20161108_144739 IMG_20161107_193900 20161107_193840 20161108043711_4J2A6358 Day 4: Khajuraho 20161109033043_4J2A6473 20161110021240_4J2A6710 20161110013529_4J2A6689 20161110012557_4J2A6684 20161109032944_4J2A6467 20161109031952_4J2A6448 20161109_121933 20161109032453_4J2A6453 IMG_20161110_092830 IMG_20161110_092806 IMG_20161110_092733 20161109042423_4J2A6517 IMG_20161110_154712 IMG_20161110_154158  

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