Experience the pristine beauty of #MadhyaPradesh in Style

A couple of Weeks back, I was selected as one of the Top HIQ Traveller to get a once in a lifetime opportunity to Visit Madhya Pradesh in collaboration with Madhya Pradesh Tourism and HolidayIQ for Their initiative #ChaloMPWithHolidayIQ trip.Some of the Stellar experience that was in store was us was the visit to Sanjay Dubri National Park ,Panna National Park and Raneh Falls.

Early in the morning, we had to start at 6 am to Sanjay Dubri National park for the safari to get better sightings.This is the entrance to the national park.

Sanjay-Dubri Tiger Reserve comprises the Sanjay National Park and the Dubri Wildlife Sanctuary, both cover more than 831 km2 and are located in Sidhi district. It is well known for its large area and rich biodiversity and sal, bamboo, mixed forest.




The national park is mostly composed of sal forests. Tiger, leopard, Spotted deer, sambar deer, wild boar, Neelgai, Chinkara, Civet, Porcupine, Monitor Lizard, and three hundred nine species of birds.

Most attractive birds are Golden Hooded Oriole, Racket-tailed drongos, Indian Pitta, Rufus-Treepie, Lesser Adjutant, Red-headed vulture, cenareous vulture, Indian white-rumped vulture, Egyption vulture, Nightjars and many other species.


According to an official census of Madhya Pradesh carried out in 2004, the National Park had six tigers, but no tiger was sighted there between October 2008 and May 2009.Both Sanjay-Dubri Tiger Reserve and Guru Ghasidas NP shared five tigers in 2010.

Though we couldn’t spot any tiger,but the experience in the jungle is what matters especially the fresh air and soothing environment.



Panna National Park is a national park located in PANNA and Chhatarpur districts of Madhya Pradesh in India. It has an area of 542.67 km2 .In 1994,It was the twenty-second Tiger Reserve of India and the fifth in Madhya Pradesh,Panna was given the Award of Excellence in 2007 as the best maintained national park of India by the Ministry of Tourism of India.

Most of us visit a national park to have assured sightings of the animals in their natural habitat.Well, I have a different opinion for the same, it’s the experience in the jungle and the serenity and tranquility that matters.

Some of the interesting things that we did was spotting leopard attacking a sambar deer in Panna and  that’s a rare sight to watch an animal attack its prey in action

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 01.34.16

Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 18.06.0620161107201847_4J2A612320161107201850_4J2A6124

We spotted some birds such as  Red Wattled Lapwing.

Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 18.08.13


Driving in jeep in dense forests of Panna Nationak park




Looks like a colour coordinated Shot in the grasslands at Panna National park


Out in the wild experiencing the morning safari at Panna National Park


hoping for a tiger to come out so that we can have a perfect click.



That’s the place where the vultures dwell in Panna national park and also crocodiles at the bottom of the hill.




A family of wild boar crosses the path in Panna National park


Raneh Falls:The Raneh Falls is a natural water fall on the ken river, in Madhya Pradesh which resembles like Grand canyon in US.Raneh Falls is a deep canyon made of pure crystalline granite in varying shades of colours ranging from pink and red to grey. There is a series of waterfalls in the canyon. The larger and smaller falls run all through the year. Other seasonal falls appear during monsoons.It is about 20 kilometres away from Khajuraho. The Ken Gharial Sanctuary is located at the confluence of the Ken and Khudar rivers further down from Raneh Falls.The Ken river here runs through a narrow gorge of igneous rocks rich in Granite and Dolomite.




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