Goa for First-Timers – Yes, you can find paradise here!

Goa – the Shangri-La of every Indian, and often the first item on their bucket list – is very deservedly loved by one and all. Visiting Goa with friends, reliving the iconic ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ moment on your scooters, finally feeling like you’re an adult and can take on the world – every little thing adds to the charm of this quaint little beach on the western coast of the country.

One integral aspect of visiting Goa, whether with your partner or with your closest gang, is figuring out the time and bookings. Yes, you can set out for Goa any weekend but then you may usually end up not finding a satisfying accommodation. And trust us, it’s important – after a long day of soaking in the beachside glory, putting your feet to test on the dance floor, tiring your muscles in the sea, you need a comfortable place to hang up your boots.

Though you definitely must experience staying at a beach shack with your gang and losing yourself to one of the most intrinsic vibes of the state, try booking Goa hotels in advance to avoid the all-time rush. And if you are ready to splurge even for a day of ultra-comfort or if you are in Goa just to get away from the crowd of your life, go for something luxurious and book yourself a room at Grand Hyatt Goa – definitely worth the pampering you receive.

New photo by Nivedith G (MacroTraveller) / Google Photos

The best time to visit Goa is definitely during the monsoon, which is technically the off-season for tourism there. Presently however, the state is mostly filled with tourists around the year. The rains in Goa is definitely something to experience – the sea matching up to the sky’s turbulence, the misty forts hidden between the raindrops, the water beating down against you as you drive through the old town in your scooty or if even if you are just sitting by the beach and getting soaked!

Goa is a magical dream of natural beauty, apart from all the hype around the booze, beaches and babes. Move away from the popular beaches into the more secluded ones and lose yourself to the winding, old lanes snaking around the gorgeous houses and you will realise Goa is worth every visit you make. Not to forget, you have Vindaloo – one of the best curries the country has produced!

So, when are you packing your bags? You know you can run off to Goa literally when you want – it’s all the break you will ever need!

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